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Vážně i nevážně o politice a politicích kolem nás.

Strana zdravého rozumu - NECHCEME EURO - za Evropu svobodných států

The phrase ... it becomes necessary from the Declaration that we have chosen for the title of our YouTube channel, carries immense weight and echoes the call to action for the American colonists. And in very few words, encapsulates the urgency and determination to overcome adversity and secure a better future, which Jefferson understood to be the the core essential purpose with which they had assembled to address. The choice, the dilemma, posed by Jefferson is, in fact, one as old as humankind itself, and nearly 176 years before Jefferson et al penned the Declaration, William Shakespeare asked the same enduring question, as to whether or not one should maintain the bonds that are the source of their discontent, but with which they are familiar, or ... actively seek to dispel the objects of their displeasure, even if it means embracing a brave new world?

Canada, bans the importation, sale, purchase, and transfer of handguns, while establishing a mandatory assault rifle buyback program. Trudeau leads, while the US bleeds.

Seriózne. Lebo ľudia sú ovce..